IVOX MEDIA is an independent media content company that owns & operates a diverse communications environment.

TV . Radio . News . Film . Multimedia . Production

The Company

Founded in 1997 by Louie Comella, IVOX MEDIA started out as a production company making TV commercials and radio spots for advertising agencies. The company soon began handling video production and live event support for concerts, film studios and news networks, as well as producing media for Entertainment, Broadcast & Television.

IVOX MEDIA has since expanded to provide investment capital for filmmakers, directors, producers, and indie films, which has led to the development of several distribution channels that showcase independent media.


Louie Comella

Executive Producer & Director

Gracie Henley

Director of Operations

Valerie Garza

Creative Director

Teylor Bonner

Sr. Media Editor

Robin Ogg

Production Designer

Jennifer Joiner

Art Director